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Aristeidis Athanasiadis

Dreaming of life and future
Maria Hatzigeorgiadou

Aristeidis was born in Athens and he says that he is in love with his birthcity...
He cant really see himself living anywhere else but in Athens at the moment.

Elena Andreou the photographer is his cousin and an artist in photography. As she lives in Thessaloniki they met each other a couple of months ago for first time in their lives. Aristeidis says that she is a very nice person and he loves her work. She is a real artist. As a photographer she told him that she was looking for a new young model for her new creations and... she asked him to be her model which he accepted.

Some of my friends told him to try as a mode so last August  he visited a model's agency here in Athens  and that was  all.. so simple! He is graduating student at Piraeus University in Greece following the facolty of finance, statistics and insurance.

His future in modelling It s something he's not sure about at the moment, but he hopes. He thinks that all of us we must work hard and strongly defend whatever we love and we like to follow. It s not an easy path but what's easy in life? Youth is our weapons and the willing to survive.

We asked him how does he see the future in Greece:
It' s really hard to say, but I don't think there's a kind of future in Greece for young people. Unfortunately there are no carriers in Greece for the youth neither for economists (the faculty I follow) nor for models, cause there are no more enough business to provide products or services and need models to be promoted. So, what I think is to finish as soon as possible with my studies and my army obligations and travel overseas.

Do you think modelling is hard?
I am not that experienced to say it s hard or not but is there anything easy in life? In the area of modelling, competition is the problem but it s a challenge too!

Did you enjoy the photo shooting with Elena?
It was an amazing experience! The only thing I had to do is to follow her instructions. I trust her and I ve seen lot of her job and that's why I travelled to North Greece to work with her. I really enjoyed a great time and I m looking forward to working with her again at the future.

I m fluent in English, French and Spanish  and my native speech is Greek.

Thank you, Aristeidi for giving us the pleasure to meet you on behalf of Alfa Greek Australian Magazine and we wish you a good luck!  Hope to host u again in our pages!
Thank you for the honour to be hosted in your pages and for your wishes!

Aristeidis Athanasiadis
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