Πέμπτη, 25 Ιουλίου 2013


By Debbie Papadakis

A Haige Court Decission made in the local courts , based on the freedom of expression, of the voters and the the candidates of a Party, they did not forbid the establishment of the PAIDOFILE PARTY; the Dutch Government of Holland recognises the newly established party officiallly as THE PAIDIFILE PARTY (PNVD).

In this case the freedom of expression works against the rights children have.

The basic aims of the party (PNVD) are:

*The leagality of sexual contact between adults and underaged children of 12 years of age.

*The legal possession of Pornographic material for personal use.

News of such sort are an insault to humanity and an insault to the saftey and well being of children. While in other countries there are battles in trying to save children from being abused and misused in society , we have a decission made by a european court of this nature.

The question is who will vote for them? What standards do we want to up hold as a society? With the imposition of Austerity measures and people committing suicide due to economic hardship. Are these issues more important to the courts? Are these the decissions our lawmakers want our societies to up hold. THIS IS AN INSAULT TO OUR INTELLIGENCE AND A GRAVEINSULT TO CHILDREN WHOME WE HAVE THE PRESPOSIBILTY TO PROTECT!!!