Τετάρτη, 25 Νοεμβρίου 2015

MODUS VIVENDI releases Amalgam Line!

Modus Vivendi 
Amalgam line campaign

Press Release

Modus Vivendi FW 2015-16 campaign - Amalgam Line - photographed by Adrian C. Martin

Modus Vivendi is happy to announce the official launch of an outstanding new line by Modus Vivendi, the Amalgam line. The line comprises underwear and sportswear/loungewear in tones of grey and metallic silver. The campaign was shot by Adrian C. Martin with model and professional fighter Christopher Garcia.

You can download all the campaign images by clicking on the link below:

You can watch and embed the backstage video:

Here is also a small text with information about the line and the campaign:

New Amalgam line of underwear, sportswear and loungewear by Modus Vivendi

Continuing the launch of Modus Vivendi’s autumn/winter 2015/16 collection is the release of an outstanding, new, and unique line of men’s underwear and sportswear:Amalgam! Modus Vivendi has called this new line Amalgam, derived from the Greek malagma, meaning ‘soft’. Indeed, this line is made from a blend of top quality, ultra-soft knitted and woven fabrics that that will cosset your skin like never before. Briefs, boxers, tank tops and sweats, all in a subtle combination of grey tones but that's not all! Modus Vivendi takes retro boxing gear and gives it a full fashion workout for this line, with glitzy silver fabrics reinventing classic designs and styles. Check out the ultra modern tank tops, robes and pants, all in shiny metallic silver combined with cool greys.
The campaign of the Amalgam line was photographed in Club Realbox gym in Tenerife, by talented Adrian C. Martin. The model is Christopher Garcia, current European champion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The shots are fresh and strong, combining action with sleek style and the right amount of sexy, a great interpretation of this outstanding new line. The arousing backstage video was filmed by Sergio Del Pino.

Underwear and clothing: 
Photos: Adrian C. Martin
Assistant: David Diaz
Lightning: Gustavo Valladares
Model: Christopher Garcia
Location: Club Realbox Gym, Tenerife
Video by: Sergio Del Pino