Τετάρτη, 18 Σεπτεμβρίου 2013

MODUS VIVENDI fashion in mens underwear!



It s not a simply thing! Once again and for years now, a few Greeks like the fashion designer Christos Bibitsos still living in Greece and working hard here and the manager Thanos Giagtzis from Thessaloniki Greece who decided to leave the country and lives and works in France. The company is a Greek company, creating in France now! We asked
them to tell us few things about their company and their creativity. Should you need to be more advised about the all thing, the company and the creations in mens underwear fashion desinging, all information has been given by them to our magazine's reades:

The history of the company

Modus Vivendi is the brand name of a range of men's fashion items designed by Greek fashion designer, Christos Bibitsos, which has been present on the market since 1989.
With the launch of our e-commerce outlet in the summer of 2005, Modus Vivendi brought its quality men's products to the international market. The e-commerce site prides itself on customer care, offering fast delivery services throughout the world. With its sleek, forward-thinking design, like the products themselves, the e-commerce site is constantly evolving, offering the best in customer service in a competitive online market and giving you a simple, enjoyable shopping experience from your home. is the official on-line store of Modus Vivendi.

The Product

Our product range includes men's underwear, beachwear, swimwear, homewear, sportswear and accessories. The essential characteristics of Modus Vivendi products are:
Their unique, creative, ground-breaking designs, the high-quality of the fabrics and other materials used. All our items are manufactured in Greece, by Greeks, and in the company's own factories. The utmost care is taken in the production stage to ensure high-quality and a comfortable fit and to provide clothes that simply feel good to wear.Quality control is among the most exacting in the market, as we bring in models to test our items at the design stage and help us make any necessary changes and adjustments.
The huge variety of shapes, lines and styles specifically tuned to the needs of modern men. Last but not least, our greatest secret is our designer, Christos Bibitsos, who personally makes the first sample of each new design and in this way is able to realise, in precise physical dimensions, each new inspiration.


Our name, Modus Vivendi, is our philosophy.
From the Latin, modus vivendi translates as lifestyle or way of life.
Our name reflects our design and manufacturing approach to everything we make: it is not just a product, or just a brand; it reflects a lifestyle.

And our lifestyle is this: Everything we do we do first and foremost for one reason: because we love it!

Strategy and goals

Modus Vivendi's present market positioning is totally evolutionary. We have already won over a significant number of customers and our fans base is expanding every day!
Modus Vivendi's principal concern is to be an interesting, creative and innovative design house with affordable prices for all fashion-conscious men.
Modus Vivendi's dream is to conquer a decent position on the global market, one that primarily involves the people who care about and appreciate diversity and, whether or not it is to their own personal taste, welcome it