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Modus Vivendi - New Hole Line

By Modus Vivendi

Modus Vivendi - New Hole Line campaign - SS2016

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Modus Vivendi SS 2016 campaign - Hole Line - photographed by Joan Crisol
Backstage video from the shoot of the Modus Vivendi Hole Line ( photographed by talented Joan Crisol in Madrid with models/dancers Elihu Arcopom and Davide Zongoli.…
Added on 15/04/2016
Modus VIvendi is happy to announce the official launch of Modus Vivendi's new Hole Line.
This line is a part of the Spring-Summer 2016 collection of the brand and comprises underwear, tank tops and singlets in styles never seen before! The campaign is absolutely amazing and was photographed by Joan Crisol in Madrid. Apart from the photos there is also a very nice backstage video which you can also use if you like:

Also below a small text with more information about the new line and new campaign:

Modus Vivendi launches the new Hole Line

Innovation meets comfort. This could be a very short description of the new Hole Line by Modus Vivendi. The third line of its extensive Spring-Summer 2016 collection and certainly one of the most sexy and innovative released from the Greek brand this year. The Hole line comprises men's underwear, tank tops and singlets in highly fashionable and modern styles in two colours, white and grey. Cut outs, press studs and cod pieces are just a few of the design details which make this collection really stand out.
An innovative line such as the Hole Line by Modus Vivendi couldn't come without a stunning campaign. Visionary photographer Joan Crisol was the perfect choice for the brand to shoot the campaign in Madrid. Dancers and models Davide Zongoli and Elihu Arcopom are photographed into the streets of the busy capital performing their best street dancing moves. 

Underwear and clothing: Modus Vivendi
Photographer: Joan Crisol
Models: Davide Zongoli, Elihu Arcopom
Photo assistant: Javier Malo
Video: Raúl Flory