Κυριακή, 10 Απριλίου 2016

Two Worlds! An exhibition of Sculpture by Takis Kozokos & Paintings by Tracey Levett at Kogarah NSW Australia

Two Worlds

An exhibition of 
Sculpture by Takis Kozokos
Paintings by Tracey Levett

Exploring themes common to Greek and Celtic cultures.

July 4 – 24th 2016
Kogarah Cultural Centre, Kogarah Library

When artists Takis Kozokos and Tracey Levett, from opposite sides of the planet and very different cultural backgrounds met, it was an opportunity to collaborate and create a joint exhibition. Their upcoming show at Kogarah Cultural Centre “Two Worlds” will feature the sculpture of Kozokos and the paintings of Levett. Both artists emanate from cultures (Greek and Celtic) that have a philosophical and poetic way of looking at life. In this exhibition the pair explore common themes found in Celtic and Greek mythology and how that has influenced the way they see life and the world in which they live. It appears the themes in both their backgrounds are universal. The two artists have spent their lives soaking up their individual cultures and in this exhibition offer the distillation of their experience into their unique works of art.