Κυριακή, 3 Νοεμβρίου 2013

NEW! Modus Vivendi's Twin Line!


Modus Vivendi the Greek Global company is very happy to announce the launch of Modus Vivendi's Twin Line. Sometimes in life, two halves make a perfect whole and this (plus a good dose of sex appeal) was the inspiration behind the new line. 
You will find the whole line at the following link:

Attached below are all the new official campaign photographs along with product shots from all the items within the line for you to download.

Some additional information about Modus Vivendi's new Twin Line:

Modus Vivendi has released the innovative new Twin Line comprising underwear, tank tops, shorts and pants. There are plenty of new concepts and ideas, including black and white briefs and boxers with a special asymmetric cut which allows them to be combined with their "other half" to create a unique pair of underwear. You will also find a restyle of one of the oldest forms of male underwear: the traditional Indian Langot, which Modus Vivendi has redesigned, creating a sexy loincloth of the finest fabric.
The twin tank top from this line is another innovation and can be worn in two different ways: as a classic low-necked, deep armhole tank top or with a half turn and both straps flipped around the neck. It's a versatile gymwear/clubwear design for men who like to be different. The super sexy twin track shorts have attaching front and back panels that meet under the crotch, each with their own separate waistband - a wicked twist on a classic piece of gym wear. The Twin Bermuda is a very different style of pants made from super fine knitted fabric and featuring press stud and vinyl detailing.
This original garment is comfortable relaxation wear with a strong style statement. Last but not least, the elegant shirt from this line has a croise front and zip fastening to the side. It's relaxed, stylish and fiercely individual.