Κυριακή, 6 Οκτωβρίου 2013

Modus Vivendi! New creations autumn 2013!

Modus Vivendi a strong external Greek company proved once again that apart from its innovative ideas in fashion , has a unique way of showing its creations . The company's new products related to men's fashion, in the fields of underwear , gym and lounge clothing, presented to the purchasing public and any interested person through pictures and some very imaginative video clips . Without further comments from us we present you some of the video clips showing the company's products and the video clip of latest creations named ΔΕΛΕΑΡ!

From the company:
This is the new behind the scenes video for the latest Modus Vivendi campaign ΔΕΛΕΑΡ. Pronounced Thelear, this is the Greek word to describe something attractive, desirable or enticing, which is offered as an incentive to persuade someone who hesitates (possibly for moral reasons).
The video is an artistic presentation of some of the brand's soon to be released new designs, many of which are highly innovative and quite extreme and definitely among the most sensual and provocative anywhere in the industry. The video is subtle, but intense! ... and offers just a glimpse of what you will see in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

Warning:Some of them they might contain nudity !
 You must be over 18 of age to see it!

Modus Vivendi ( releases the backstage video from the campaign ΔΕΛΕΑΡ. The campaign features some of the most extreme lines of the brand yet. Fashion inspired by…
Added on 10/3/2013

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Warning:Some of them they might contain nudity ! You must be over 18 of age to see it!