Κυριακή, 4 Αυγούστου 2013

Greeks are saying,"Should I STAY or should I GO? The immigration dilemma!!"

By Debbie Papadakis 
4 August 2013 

It is extraordinary how a population of people react to the Stingent-Austerity-Measures imposed on a Nation such as Greece, suffering record-breaking unemployment; ludicrous salary cuts in the public sector these past 4 years allowing the work force to suffer belittlement that can not be comapred to any other nation's work force. With in these years of Ecomonic recession, we have seen Industrial Plants close and relocate to neighbouring countries seeking a cheaper labour, all with the grace and blessing of the governemts of this Nation. It is sad, but true that they are trying to tighten the noose limiting investment and further enhancing unemployment. One would expect for a flow of immigration to flock in their thousands, leaving Greece to seek better fortune in making a living, however why many are still here; chossing to stick-it-out on this Tidal Wave of Economic gloom?? In this "Greek Experiment" of this 'economic war' waged in the EU, all that is witnessed is thousands flocking to the much cooler coutries of the North and providing the work force with a ready work force to supply the industries that would be willing to work at cheeper rates, however immigation authorites are have noticed that the educated unemployed youth still choose to remain in Greece. Why is this occuring, has left Brussels baffled? Countries such as Germany, France and Italy, have been receiving a flow of immigrants from Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovaks but not Greece. According to the most recent (2011-12) Gallup World Survey, 24 per cent of Greek citizens (aged 15 and over) declared they would like to move to another country if they had the opportunity. However, the proportion of those planning to move in the next 12 months was much lower (around 4.1 per cent)," Brussels employment commissioner László Andor told a member of the European Parliament earlier this month. "Moreover," he continued, "currently available statistics indicate that until now those mobility intentions have not translated into substantial mobility flows from Greece. While the number of Greek (economically active) citizens having moved to another EU country in 2011-12 has strongly increased in relative terms (+170 per cent compared to the pre-crisis period 2007-08), they represent until now only a limited proportion (3.7 per cent) in all intra-EU movers." It can be said, that the low flow of Greeks moving from their homeland is something hat they are not willing to do easily. Earlier in July, we had seen the European team of auditors to Greece: laying down points to be accepted, such as increasing yet more taxes, reducing 'the monster-public-sector fed by previous governments' as expected- for obvious reasons, with even more 'shady points' including relieving Greece of quite a number of islands with inhabitants of up to 150 people in the Aegean sea by requesting their evacuation and hand-over to Troika- making Greece 'a state' of Germany; which then would provide yet another 'unwanted loan' in the form of a 'Bail-out' for Greece; instead of instigating eco-productivity to allow Greece to pay-back through, eco-energy industries and eco-economic policies that are 'society friendly' ecouraging research and education that would guarantee steady growth of investment in Greece. The question is does the EU want to help Greece to economic recovery or do they just want Greece to evacuate this land through immigration??? One wonders by looking at the way events have been unfolding these past few months, with the shutting down of ERT, the selling of OTE to a German company and the shutting down and relocation of industry to neighbouring countries. Further more, we have also witnessed the EU economic technocrats of the IMF, amalgamating and funding banks to further act up on 'crisis -hit-home-ownwers' as well as medium and small businesses of the middle class that would trigger the absorbtion of property at low rates- driving even more people to suicide, simply because they are unemployed and have experienced, humiliation in watching drastic -dives in their income throwing them in the vicious circle of not being able to pay their debts, due to economic and industrial evacuation of Greece, allowing the nation to be thrown in turmoil of social dispair and annihilation. If Greece is experiencing such conditions of a 'slow death' in this 'economic war'. (This would be a nightmare if it were to occure to any other nation). The only thing left now, is to shut all forms of OTE communication and Free National broadcasting that would leave Greece in the dark, so that EU proceedures would be quieter- after all, the EU have noticed that young Greeks are not immigrating, leaving Brussels to question Why??? The question with regards to Greek immigation to EU courties to the North has arisen. Naturally, with the state of Greece many would want Greece to be 'abandoned by it's people' so that it would be managed by others. the question of why Greeks have not gone to other European countries such as Germany : Is it due to the language barrier or even cultural difference that would have Greeks want to go NOWHERE or ELSEWHERE, instead of Northern Europe? What-ever the reason may be, Greeks we know have expereinced migration. In the past we had seen Greeks immigrate to many countries and even recently however, things are changing. "The traditional migration routes from Greece have been to other OECD countries like the United States and Australia," says Jean-Christophe Dumont, head of the OECD's international migration division. "These connections over time have been weakened." Visa applications for non-European countries take a long time to process, Dumont tells In comparison to Romanians who are leaving their homeland in droves ,Greeks have not done so according to Dumont. He has noticed that Greeks are selective or are they just sticking it out and are being supported by their extended families and even expatriots from other countries. Dumont states:"In Greece a high percentage of the young are tertiary educated,...While some will be looking for work in agriculture and construction, if they do they will be in competition with workers from other countries." The fact is that the movement of people will not necessarily ease the problem of unemployment without investment and policy review in economicand political institutions of Greece. Other measures would, to be sure! However, in cases of war activity causing mass migration, severe unemployment and famine could cause Greeks to leave their land: Will such measures be used???Now, the threat the EU is whispering is : if Greece does continue to experience this 'free- fall 'in the country's economy ," then the free movement of workers from country to country would become a thing of the past: Simply due to the fact that poor desperate countries would not be welcomed in the Europe." Well, this DOES make one think. It should not be forgotten that "Greece is the experiment" and that "We are all Greeks".... Now if Greece were to be classed as 'desperate' and not welcomed in the 'European fold' then 'Troikan' and 'IMF' Europeans would have to ERASE everything that is 'Greek' in their sciences, culture, civilisation and education. Surely that would be unethical to demand such a thing, because education and phylosophy in sociology is important and as civilised human beings we should respect life and nature. The best option would then be for them to focus on ETHOS and ECO political and economic POLICIES that are 'society friendly' rather that 'mass moving' and destructive! So, simple!