Τετάρτη, 16 Οκτωβρίου 2013

A moody day!

By George Athanasiadis

It s a dismal day today! Cloudy and foggy in some parts of the country. Nowadays our life is full of dismal and foggy days, but I think not around us, but deep inside ourselves. Power needed and good mood to face and control all these

But how a day becomes a dismal one? Are there really dismal days or they only exist in the world of our imagination? Is it because of the weather conditions or because of our mood? I think days are always the same.. Our living conditions can change a happy or a normal day to a dismal one. Poverty around us.. unhappy people living miserable life next door to us, members of our families, economical problems and an imploding society, compose that puzzle which can change a normal rainy of sunny day to a dismal one!

Apart from all these, our inner world is the problem. Feeling good or angry or disappointed it has nothing to do with the weather conditions. Weather conditions might add something to our mood but I believe could never be the reason to feel bad. What's the problem with a sunny or rainy day? We can enjoy them both in a different way or separately each one of them. Feeling the sun on our body and skin warms our soul and existence. Feeling the rain dropping on our face give us the sense of revitalisation as rain revitalises the environment around. Clouds and rain are a necessary element for the maintenance of life and we must think positive and enjoy them.

Recently a young man 21 yo lost his life because of a car accident. It rwas a real sunny and bright day... but for his family and all his friends actually an original dismal day.. 

There are no dismal days because of the weather conditions... there are dismal days and dismal moods as what we have to do and not done is a de profundis research into out inner world!