Τρίτη, 15 Οκτωβρίου 2013

New Thelear line by Modus Vivendi - Announcement!

Modus Vivendi is happy to announce the launch of our new Thelear line. 

Some information about Modus Vivendi's new Thelear line:

All models of Modus Vivendi company are Greeks!
Modus Vivendi announces it's most adventurous line yet. The new line, Thelear (a Greek word meaning something enticing that is offered to someone who hesitates) presents radical fashion inspired by gothic and underground imagery. All the items are black and made of the highest quality materials. In addition to some restocked items, such as latex and leather briefs, boxers, jockstraps and shorts, you will find new T-shirts and hoodies, as well as some exciting additions, like cock rings, aprons and other imaginative accessories. This new line celebrates the underground, leather and latex culture and infuses symbols rarely used by other designers into popular male fashion.