Πέμπτη, 13 Ιουνίου 2013

AHEPA - Chapter "HOMERUS" Greece. Doctors members of AHEPA visited the island of Samos!

On 1st of June 2013 team of volunteers doctors visited the island of Samos. It was one of the AHEPA's chapter "HOMERUS" activities for the poor habitants of the island. The local authorities should have written " we thank AHEPA for the great offer to our Island and its people " or something, but nothing and not only nothing written to accept but no support no cooperation no informing of the public so when the doctors got there, there was no one to greet them no one on behalf of the church or the Mayor the staff of the hospital did not know they were coming .
Any way few people came that learned about it from the gossip. They told them they had to look at the public in an auditorium with no beds in the same room all the four doctors without separations so the patients could not undress and all that because the "iatrikos silogos " didn't allow it there was an incident up stairs with lung problems and the pneumonologos was on holiday and when the relatives started to scream she got scared and gave permition. It's all the president of the local "iatrikos silogos " doing and she had disappeared so nobody couldn find her.
But people were great they thanked the AHEPANS and did everything to show it . Better respond was at "Karlovasi" and it was well appreciated.
Got lots more to say to you but these few things is enough with that. 
We received this letter from the president of Australasian HEPA - Chapter "Homerus", Mr. Bill Aravantinos.