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Introducing Moto Voyager

a team that is determined to show you the unexplored beauty of Greece on two wheels 
Imagine yourself having the opportunity to experience Greece's undeniable beauty on two-wheels.  Imagine riding a motorcycle with your friends and family, who share the same passion for touring, through open
roads with a warm climate, in a country with dramatic scenery and passionate hospitality. Such a combination makes for an unimaginative experience. This relationship between Greece and riding remains in the hearts and souls of MotoVoyager’s participants; the sense of freedom, the inspiring beauty, the determination to move forward – the sense of living!

Tell me more about the team

The well-known 36hrs Annual Tour in Greece, since 1998 

 It was 15 years ago that the then President of the Hellenic Moto Guzzi Club, along with 2-3 friends were inspired to create and organize the first Annual Tour of Greece on a motorcycle. They named it “36 hours endurance motorcycle riding cup – Tour of Greece”. In its first run, in 1998, just 29 motorcyclists participated. Over the years this annual event hugely grew in participants, fame and fun. In recent years it has reached over 250 entries! Many now have to be placed on a waiting list in hopes of taking part in the experience. Riders from France, Germany and the UK have heard of this event and have occasionally come over to take place. This year the lists have already reached 235 participants and the closing date is still 10 days away. The event is essentially a 2-day or 3-day tour of the country, from “unknown” asphalt roads. It is a pure motorcycling adventure, organized to perfect detail – which is what makes it stand apart from any other event or trip. For years now, it has become the most intriguing motorcyclist event in Greece, according to the press and internet forums.

The Creation of MotoVoyager

Dimitris, Petros and Diamandis who are organizers of this successful event, decided to open up such a thrilling experience towards motorcyclists outside Greece. They designed and built MotoVoyager – a team determined to show you the rare beauty of Greece on two wheels. A look at their website, in the section “meet the team” and of course by watching their trailer on the home page, is enough to convince anyone about the astonishing beauty and diversity of this country – as well as the abilities of those who promise  to help you discover one of the most attractive and cultured countries in the world.

"Great weather, winding roads and dramatic scenery, 
make Greece the perfect land to tour by motorbike" says
"Greece is an immensely popular tourist destination 
and it's difficult to isolate just one or two attractions" read in
"A unique, magical, superhuman landscape like no other" described by

Greek Products Abroad is supporting such an alternative lifestyle and tourism  and will endorse in its pages this new section to  bring to you regular news from “the travels of MotoVoyaGeR” – the most experienced motorcycle tour organizers in Greece. All you have to do is to unleash  your inner need to explore authentic rides.
to be continued
Enjoy the promo video....

Motorcycle Tour Organizers In Greece from Moto Voyager - Riding in Greece on Vimeo.
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